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I am writing to thank you for the excellent service I have received from you. Radio Consulting Services has done a great job in helping us refine our station. Jon Holiday has worked very hard to help us solidify our position in the market. I greatly appreciate your help in meeting the needs of Sunny 106.

Jay M. Philippone
Priority Communications
Ohio-Pennsylvania-West Virginia

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It is great working with Jon Holiday! He has really been great on follow up with everything that he is handling for me. Jon is a real pro.

Norm Slemenda
General Manager
Prettyman Broadcasting
Hagerstown-Chambersburg-Waynesboro, MD-PA

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Jon Holiday's extensive work with our PD exceeded any expectations I might have had. It was unmistakable that he was genuinely concerned with our success. Bottom line, our PD Jarrett Stevens was thrilled; and as he worked closely with Jon day in and day out that's all I needed to hear.

Rick Pfeiffer
Chesterman Communications

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If you're in need of the wisdom and leadership of a highly experienced consultant, I recommend you call Jon Holiday. He's a programmer, he's a manager, and he's a leader. Jon is much more than a skilled programmer. He's a talented manager of projects and of people. He's big picture thinker. I speak from experience. For more than a decade we've worked together on music tracking, library testing, perceptual studies and format searches. Jon's love of radio translates into creating a winning radio product. Make a move to greater ratings, revenue and profit with the help of Jon Holiday.

Jonathan Little
VP Sales & Client Services
Troy Research

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"I've been working with Jon on various projects for years. No matter the format or client needs, Jon can get it done. He simply "gets it". Each market is completely different than the next, and Jon is well aware of that. Hyper-Focused research, listening to other stations in the market, and absorbing as much of the local culture as possible are all the things Jon does before he even signs a contract. He'll create a strategic plan and seek out all the resources needed to execute that plan, before day one."

Dan Gustafson
Founder/Producer/Sound Designer
Sonic Bliss Productions

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I've known and worked with Jon and he has been an inspiration for many years. It is exciting and a pleasure to work with him once again on my syndicated project called "Foundcuts". I can tell you without hesitation that he is one of the brightest programmers in the country and has many innovative ideas. He is also very good at extracting the best in people, a talent many consultants boast, but cannot execute. Jon is helping me to realize the talent that is "locked up" inside and will surely help to bring Foundcuts down a successful road to a wider audience. I look forward to driving down this road alongside Jon as navigator.

Dave Newfell

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The level of customer service, support and the consulting efforts that Jon Holiday has put forth are most impressive.

Jon has worked diligently to build solid relationships with our program directors, and he has assisted us in the repositioning of KQAK-FM (Oldies to Classic Hits), KLTW-FM (Soft AC to Mainstream AC) and KWPK-FM (Hot Adult Contemporary).

You would be fortunate to have Jon on your team. He has proven his worth many times over during our association. Jon is an outstanding resource for radio stations and small groups like ours, where providing a "big market sound in small market radio - without the big market attitude" is our mantra.

Again, thank you for your efforts on behalf of Horizon Broadcasting Group. Please let me know how I can spread the good word on your behalf!

Keith Shipman
President & CEO
Horizon Broadcasting Group, LLC
Bend, OR

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Mix 96.7 has been #1 since 2003, we might have slipped from that perch if it hadn't been for Jon Holiday and Radio Consulting Services.

He was profoundly helpful with our Country station because there was already an established Country competitor in the market; I knew I needed an expert. Jon pulled the whole thing together for us. The station sounds SUPER. The audience thinks so, too. The station clobbered the heritage Country station that had a 30-year head start on us. BIG Country 103.9 continues to be the #1 Country station and the #2 station in the market. The heritage Country station is #6.

When it came time to change the format of one of our other stations to News/Talk; Jon Holiday kept us on track.

Jon is a talented and capable programmer. He understands the limitations of markets like ours and he "gets it" when it comes to operating a business. Jon is strong in music, promotion and talent development, and unlike many programmers, he can talk to an owner. He is a true resource to all of our stations.

He has a strong grasp of what is popular with mainstream audiences and he is able to maintain a consistent course

My basic message is this: HIRE THIS GUY. He'll make your life better; he'll make your radio stations more successful. If you want to talk, please call me, and I'll answer whatever questions you have about Jon.

Ken Sutherland
Ruby Radio Corporation
Elko, Nevada

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I'm a longtime colleague of Jon Holiday's and am delighted to be able to give him a strong endorsement. Jon's programming put our station, in the driver's seat in the most competitive small market in America. I appreciated Jon's efforts to cooperate with and understand what we needed from programming.

His knowledge of the business and his intuitive programming and promotional talents were greatly appreciated and in demand from day one. He made us sound good, look good and win the ratings game. I think the best part of working with and knowing Jon Holiday is the fact that here we are, 20 years later and Jon and I are still comparing notes, expanding our knowledge of the new broadcasting paradigms, while maintaining the integrity of great professional radio. I can tell you that you will be working with a true broadcasting professional when you team up with Jon Holiday's Radio Consulting Services.

Rick Snyder
General Sales Manager
Portland, ME

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We really appreciate you adjusting your schedule to be the keynote speaker at our graduation. We have received great feedback and I personally enjoyed listening to your speech. I hope we will have the opportunity to have you on campus again soon and please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Best Regards!

Amy Nigrini
Campus Director
Ohio Center for Broadcasting Colorado Campus