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Radio Consulting Services Client Success Stories

An AC start-up in the Midwest with a crowded dial misinterpreted their market with programming that was too soft and targeted too old. Both ratings and sales were soft. Just months after Radio Consulting Services revamped the stations programming, developed a marketing plan including promotions that created awareness in the market, the station tripled its revenue and increased its market share of the audience

A Mainstream Country station in a Southwestern market competes head-to-head with an established Country competitor that has decades of heritage on it. With Jon Holiday as their consultant, not only did this brand new start-up defeat its rival, becoming the #1 ranked Country station in the market within 1 year of signing on, but with Radio Consulting Services guidance it continues to be dominant.

One station that Radio Consultant Jon Holiday has consulted since 1998 continues to value him as a strategic partner year after year. This client station was never a turnaround, flip or start-up; but rather one of maintaining success while continually growing and evolving to suit the tastes of a changing audience

A Rock station was failing to achieve the rating and revenue goals of its parent company. News Talk on FM was the format hole identified by Radio Consulting Services. Fast-forward to now, the FM News Talker is a top rated stations in its market while an AM competitor vacated the format and changed format to Sports

A Midwest AC station had lost its way and badly needed direction and a plan of action. They contacted Jon Holiday at Radio Consulting Services and he recommended a new station image along with a format change to Hot AC. With his help the station repositioned its AC competitor who vacated their position by changing format a few months after the new Hot AC's debut.

An Active Rock station in a Southern medium market was the #3 ranked Rock station in a 3 way Rock station battle and ranked #8 overall. Working with Jon Holiday it has become the #1 ranked Rock station in the market and top 5 ranked overall in consecutive rating surveys.

An AC station in a small rated Alaskan market had become out of step with the market's ever increasing younger demographics. The station was ranked at #5. Jon Holiday recommended a format change to Adult Top 40. With his help the station zoomed to #1 in the market and continues to dominate.

A Soft AC station in an East Coast medium market was no longer competitive in the all-important 25-54 demo. It had simply become too soft and too old both musically and demographically. Following Jon Holiday's recommendation it evolved into a Mainstream AC with his guidance. The station immediately flourished and once again has become a player in the market in subsequent rating surveys.

A station in a rated Pacific Northwestern market running a traditional Oldies format had fallen to a #7 ranking in the market. Jon Holiday helped evolve the station's presentation to Classic Hits and updated the playlist using music research. The station immediately ranked #5 and has scored as high as #3 in recent rating surveys

An Adult Hits station (one of those that uses a person's first name) in a small rated Midwestern market had become stale and needed attention badly. It enlisted Jon Holiday as their radio consultant to rejuvenate the station's presentation and refresh the library using music research. The station now ranks consistently in the top 3.

We have experience in turnarounds, format flips, start-ups and a long track record of success in station maintenance. Whatever your station needs are, Radio Consulting Serivces can assist. Call or email Jon Holiday at (303) 690-9093 or for your free consultation.

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