Local research was once a staple of successful radio stations. Sadly, many stations no longer have a budget for this vital tool. However, we strongly recommend it if you have the resources.

Local Music Testing
We can set-up online testing of currents/recurrent and gold through our research vendor partner. Should you prefer auditorium-style music testing Radio Consulting Services has relationships with several research vendors to conduct this type of testing as well. Annual Perceptual
An annual perceptual study is a roadmap. Over time our clients and our team will learn much about your listeners that will keep both of us one step ahead of your competitors. In addition to ‘big picture’ information, we also poll audiences for opinions and specifics about local stations. This makes for more than just an overview tool; it provides valuable local feedback on everything from the morning show to music mix and more. Focus Groups/Listener Panels
The Radio Consulting Services Team has facilitated dozens of these over the years. We enjoy helping stations learn more about their listeners. Format Hole Searches
Competitive markets are more difficult to find a so-called ‘hole in the market’. Unless you have the resources and finances to attack the heritage players, you need to identify a gap where you can effectively launch a new station or format. This is where a format study (sometimes named ‘mapping study’) comes into play. Format studies focus on developing the music proposition for a station. Expert Ratings Analysis
We’re experts at breaking out and interpreting ratings data, with your station’s growth being the goal. We can provide guidance including the aforementioned services and other research projects. For more information on how Radio Consulting Services can help guide your research efforts, contact us.

Radio Consulting Services, Rick Brady is our resident research expert. For over a decade he owned and operated Sound Data Research, a radio research company specializing in call-out research, auditorium music tests and audience perceptual research. He’s also overseen many online music tests and research projects.

About Radio Consulting Services’ Research Expert Rick Brady