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Talent Development by Radio Consultant, Jon Holiday

Whether you manage the programming of one or more radio stations you have the challenge of finding and keeping talent to meet your company's goals. A statement once made by renowned business speaker Don Beveridge certainly rings true "If the only time you look for people is when you need people, you will always have substandard people."

One of my mentors over the years was the late Jay Cook who I worked for at Gannett Radio. Jay was at one time the GM of KIIS-FM in Los Angeles and later President of Gannett Radio. He observed that successful personalities have common attributes. They are intelligent. They work hard. And they have delicate egos.

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Marketing 101

PPM results in Philadelphia have continued to demonstrate that the perpetual 12+ ratings champ WBEB (B101.1) is seemingly impenetrable. Programmers quickly point to the significance of WBEB's ongoing marketing as a primary reason the station continues to hold its own. WBEB has done such a great job marketing their radio station that it is not surprising to see how well they have performed in PPM. WBEB's independent owner Jerry Lee gives his staff the tools to create great radio and achieve great results.

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Finding Part-timers

Finding strong part-timers can be a challenge, especially when a departing weekender was self-motivated, did their share and more.

I turned to the wisdom of my high school buddy and former co-worker Stefan Rybak who's programmed stations like KC101/New Haven, KZZP/Phoenix and WBLI/Nassau-Suffolk, NY. These days, Stefan is a Senior Sales and Marketing Executive for Long Island 360 Media.

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Top 10 Tips To Get More From A 24/7 Music Format


The most successful Network affiliates take the time to make their station's sound consistent, whether they are originating locally or from the network.


Most networks make a number of liners available at no charge on either a quarterly, annual or as needed basis. Take advantage of this resource AS OFTEN AS YOU ARE ALLOWED to keep your station from sounding stale.

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Radio Promotion

During my time as Station Manager of Top 40 96X in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale market, we decided to become the station in the market to participate in Hands Across America, an off-shoot of "We are the World" USA For Africa. I don't know if it was the Hands Across The Sand off-shore drilling protest on Miami Beach, or the iHeartRadio's Ultimate Pool Party at the iconic Fontainebleau Hotel that reminded me of this radio promotion. Probably both. This radio promotion event generated corporate sponsorships and excellent media coverage, resulting in increased.

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