We help radio stations achieve higher revenue through increased ratings and revenue-generating promotions as well as Digital and NTR initiatives.

Radio Consulting Services’ Talent Coach not just airchecks your talent, but goes in-depth with break-by-break feedback and direction.

Radio Consulting Services’ experienced programming team has scheduled music logs for radio stations for many years.

Radio Consulting Services helps stations create digital strategies with social, mobile, podcasting and other cross-platform content.

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“As an operator who craves great programming, you have the decision-making authority to make it happen. Radio Consulting Services helps create more engaging radio than the corporate radio on auto pilot across town.”

- Jon Holiday, Managing Partner/Radio Consulting Services

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As your Radio Consultant, Jon brings major market experience that includes Station Manager, Operations Manager, Program Director and On Air Personality. This includes programming one of the 25 highest rated AC/Hot AC stations in the nations according to Radio & Records.


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